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NSFC 2018-Huifang Zhang-(41801023)

National Science Foundation of China41801023Spatio-temporal characteristics of above-ground biomass of grassland in Fragile ecological areas of China and its response to climate change2019-01 to 2021-1225,000 PI



Under the background of global climate change, accurately estimating theaboveground biomass of grassland is the basis and prerequisite for furtherunderstanding the productivity and carbon cycle processes of the ecosystem inFragile Eco-regions of China. However, the inversion results of the abovegroundbiomass of grassland at the regional scale have great uncertainties due to thelacking ground observation data and the problem of mismatching spatial scalebetween the ground observation data and the satellite remote sensing. There aretwo purposes of this proposal: the first one is to collect large amount ofgrassland aboveground biomass information at quadrat scale by using UAV to solvethe problem of insufficient ground observation data. To achieve this purpose,UAV-ground synchronization experiments will be conducted in different FragileEcological regions to construct quadrat-scale aboveground grassland biomassestimation models from UAV images by using SfM and CHM algorithms. The second oneis to build scale matching bridges for ground observation data and satellite databy using UAV, to resolve the issues of scale mismatching. With the aid of UAV,scale-matched UAV-satellite aboveground biomass estimation models of grasslandwill be constructed. Then the spatial and temporal changes of the abovegroundbiomass of grassland and its responses to climate change from 2000 to 2018 will beanalyzed. The implementation of this project is of great significance forunderstanding the ecosystem functions of Fragile Eco-regions in China, and foraccurately assessing their resource carrying capacity and vulnerability.

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