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NSFC 2018- Zhiwei Wang-The high resolution cartography of alpine vegetation types in theQinghai-Tibetan Plateau permafrost zones(41861016)

National Science Foundation of China41861016The high resolution cartography of alpine vegetation types in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau permafrost zones, 2019-01 to 2022-12400,000 PI



Accurate simulation of the vegetation types distribution in the permafrost zone ofQinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP) and deeply understanding of the mechanism for alpinevegetation growth and change are the key to research the hydrothermal shifts inthe soil of alpine ecosystem. However, there are rare maps of vegetation types inthis alpine region. Unfortunately, even some published classification results arenot applicable to present study because they were not Qinghai-Tibetan Plateaulocalization or their spatial resolutions were too low. The aim of this project isto explore an excellent mapping method of alpine vegetation types in QTPpermafrost zone, and then spread it with open access. There are five alpinevegetation types in this mapping method, including alpine shrub, alpine swampmeadow, alpine meadow, alpine steppe and alpine desert, which are specificvegetation types in QTP permafrost zone. This method will be applied in theQingzang Road, Anshi Road and Qingkang Road, and the spatial resolution ofinversion result will be 10 m. Observation field data, aerial photos, remotesensing imagines and classification tools of artificial intelligence will be used.The growth dynamics and stability of different alpine vegetation types will beanalyzed. Furthermore, the controlling mechanism of vegetation growth will bestudied by the intrinsic parameters of soil and the extrinsic factors ofenvironment. This project will provide background information for whether thereare intensification or mitigation effects from the alpine vegetation growth andchange to the thermal melting process, and also provide an important reference forroute selection planning of major projects and eco-environmental protectionresearches in QTP permafrost zone.

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