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NSFC 2017- Zhiwei Wang-Distinctions analysis of permafrost surface subsidence in differenttypes of alpine grasslands and the study of its influencing mechanism(41701077)

National Science Foundation of China41701077Distinctions analysis of permafrost surface subsidence in different types of alpine grasslands and the study of its influencing mechanism, 2018-01 to 2020-12260,000 PI


As the permafrost degradation, thaw slump has been one of the primary reasons to destruct engineering, construction and ecological environment of permafrost. Accurate monitoring the process of surface subsidence, which is derived from permafrost warming in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP), are the core issue in the research of volume changes with freezing and thawing cycle in permafrost surface soil, also are the important content of moisture, temperature and stress coupling determination. The primary plants in the QTP permafrost regions are alpine vegetation. With different fractional vegetation coverages and patch fragmentations, different alpine vegetation types have different effects in hydrothermal condition of permafrost soil. Current studies of surface deformation differences in different alpine grasslands are very limited. In this study observation fields are deployed in the areas with different alpine grasslands. With remote sensing images, aerial photographs and data of permafrost, meteorology and hydro-thermal, SBAS-InSAR, Hurst analysis of stable trend and multiple statistical methods are applied to reveal different characteristics of surface deformation in various alpine grasslands. Consideration soil parameters and environmental variables, the dominant factors of surface deformations are exploited, and the influencing mechanism of surface deformations are clarified also. The areas with thaw settlement need to be studied furtherly, which is forecasted by the Hurst analysis. In this way, the importance of exploration surface deformations in different alpine grassland will be proposed. The findings of our study may have significant implications for protecting engineering, construction and permafrost environment.

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