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Lu, Xiameng

2018.10 - Up to now, Institute of Geographic Sciences, Nantong University, Institute of Fragile Ecological Environment, Scientific Research Assistant;
2017.2 - 2018.9, Chief Financial Officer, Jiangsu Blue and Green New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
From June 2015 to February 2017, the Finance Department of Shanghai-Soviet Region of Biguiyuan Group and the Finance Director of Nantong District of Biguiyuan Group;
From March 2014 to June 2015, Nantong Riverside Network Technology Co., Ltd., Accountant;
2010.9-2014.7, Bachelor of Management, China University of Geosciences (Beijing);
Research field
Research on the ecological environment of UAV;
Research on fragile ecological environment;
Computer Level 1 B Certificate;
Intermediate Certificate of Computer Office Automation;
Accounting Qualification Certificate;
Putonghua Dimension Certificate;
Titles, duties and tasks
Position: Scientific Research Assistant
1. Assist the research institute to do a good job of information upload and dissemination, statistics, archives management and other work with the scientific research team.
2. Assist the team leader in financial management of budget preparation, budget execution and final accounts audit of various scientific research projects within the team; cooperate with the financial department to be responsible for the reimbursement of related funds of the team according to relevant system requirements.
3. Assist scientific research teams in the collection, collation, submission and filing of scientific research materials.
4. Assist the scientific research team in liaising and communicating with the relevant departments of human resources and finance of the Academy, and do a good job in daily services such as personnel, equipment procurement plan preparation and declaration, asset management, academic exchanges, patent applications, office supplies purchase and acquisition.
5. Acceptance of samples and verification of sample information for scientific research services to ensure the accuracy of sample information. According to the experimental content, the experimental results are analyzed and improved.
6. Assist in compiling the project report, progress report and conclusion report of scientific research projects, follow up, promote and supervise the whole process of scientific research projects, and cooperate with the cooperative units to complete the final acceptance and result appraisal.
7. Familiar with scientific research project management process, understand scientific research financial management and related policies.
8. Assist relevant departments to work, arrange priorities reasonably, grasp project time nodes, timely feedback and solve problems and changes in the process of project operation to ensure the smooth operation of the project in the cycle and delivery of the final questions.
9. Assist in all conference affairs of the academic conference.
10. Complete other tasks assigned by the head of the Research Institute and team.

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